Corporate Philosophy

An Emphasis on Timely Communication

In this day and age of instant communication of real-time conditions, it is simply unacceptable to fail to communicate with one’s clientele. We take a great deal of pride in generating useful documentation throughout the entire construction schedule, the intent of which is to fully inform to avoid any possibility of misunderstandings:

  • A detailed , line-by-line, Excel spreadsheet estimate that forms the basis of the contract upon which we rely for budgetary control and monitoring, updated at least monthly with each requisition for funding.
  • Accompanying each requisition is an orderly summary of every invoice that comprises the monthly draw, allowing our clientele to fully understand the nature and scope of the work for which funds are being requested.
  • Weekly digital photos, sent to our clients via email that provide real-time images of the status of construction, which is extremely helpful for those clients that reside outside of the area and want to keep in close touch with the progress of their home.
  • Samples and photos of specified finish materials are forwarded for client approval prior to any commitment to purchase them. Natural materials such as wood and stone have innately varying characteristics that can differ considerably for a variety of reasons and we find that current samples taken from the lot of the material that is actually intended for use is critical to avoiding misunderstandings and disappointment.
  • An open line of communication for all day-to-day needs via the technology with which the client feels the most comfortable: home phone, work phone, cell phone, fax, e-mail, courier, digital photo, etc. Our goal is to communicate openly on a very regular basis to avoid any possibility of misunderstanding.