Corporate Philosophy

A Respect for Budgetary Concerns:

Building in the mountains has a component of the unknown or indefinable associated with the site work and foundation elements of the home. Topography issues, in-situ soil and rock elements, unknowns regarding septic and drain field details as well as indeterminate well depth for domestic water usage all have the potential to create budgetary overruns. We strive to assemble as much knowledge as possible from our site inspections to arrive at site work estimates and allowances that reflect the conditions that we know; however, not all conditions are knowable and we make sure that our clients understand where the risks are and how best to minimize them.

The other main category of budgetary concern is changes from the initial design and specifications originated by our clients that result in either savings or increases to the overall budget. It is our obligation and our goal to quantify the financial impact of these alternatives in a timely manner such that there are no resulting delays in the schedule for completion. It is in this area that we need focused attention by our clients to make expeditious decisions on changes to the work so that, in order to maintain the schedule, we are not being asked to sacrifice quality in the name of speed (an alternative that we will not pursue).

We update the budget on a monthly basis, concurrent with the monthly pay requisition, so that our clients are fully apprised of the budgetary changes to date within a very detailed, line-item breakdown that enumerates the variances exactly within the work/trade area in which they have occurred. Our clients are able to stay current with the overall financial obligations that have been impacted by the change requests and can make the appropriate provisions with their lenders and financial resources.