Corporate Philosophy

A Commitment to Quality

Often repeated as a core value of many firms, we accomplish this through a very systematic approach from start to finish:

  • A detailed value-engineering exercise of the initial construction plans and specifications.
  • An analysis of the site characteristics and topography to maximize/improve access, orientation, view, foundation design, conservation of flora and other site-related concerns.
  • Daily field management to insure that the interests of the client are the primary focus of the various alternatives and decisions that arise.
  • Solicitation of client review and approval at each critical stage of the construction process to insure that as-built conditions are reflective of the client’s wishes and that any “changes of heart” can be addressed as early and as economically as possible.
  • Inspection of all materials prior to installation and the rejection and replacement of any unsuitable, substandard or unspecified products.
  • A systematic punch list review, enumeration and completion by all major trades.

Our major thrust to insure quality is the daily field management of the construction trades. Many construction firms have become “administrative construction managers” delegating the field management and organization to the subcontractors themselves, which oftentimes results in decisions which benefit the trades and not the client.